An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Ethan Chazin

Find Your Dream Job


Learn how to conduct a job search by leveraging Ethan's proven unconventional approaches and find work that fulfills you.

Plus I'll email you a complimentary copy of my JOB SEARCH MARKETING PLAN for you to complete after you register for this Webinar.

What You will Learn By Attending

Develop your job search strategic action plan.
The 18-32 targeting strategy. Identify 3-4 industries you'd LOVE to work in, find 6-8 organizations in each that match your values, then target aggressively through research.
How to orchestrate an effective and results-driven informational interview.
The 3-step approach to developing your Personal Mission Statement, Positioning Statement, and Proposition Statement.
The Marketing 5Ps of YOU - selling yourself as a BRAND. how to define your unique value proposition.
Craft a compelling and engaging elevator pitch.